The Art of Cooking Rice in a Pot


The Art of Cooking Rice in a Rice Cooker

Table of Contents
Finger Measuring

My mom always cooked perfect rice. She always used Calrose rice and cooked the rice in a pot of water never using a rice cooker. She used imaginary lines on her index finger to calculate the desired water levels above the rice. Both my parents had that Rice Finger Measuring Guide down to a science. 

Often known as the first knuckle technique to measure amount of water needed to cook rice. The first crease of your finger knuckle is the top of the water above the rice. Most of the time Filipinos and Asians are cooking anywhere from 4 to 6 cups of rice per day. So, the first crease often works accurately for this amount of rice. After cooking rice for so long you'll get the hang of it where you may not even need to use your finger as a guide. 

For smaller amounts it can be hit or miss. Sometimes I cook smaller amounts just for two people or just myself. For 2 people I use 3-4 cups of rice and the water line on my finger is at 3/4 from top of rice to crease line. For 1-2 cups it's about 1/2 above rice to crease line. After doing this for a while you'll get the hang of it and you'll be cooking rice like a pro. Beware though, it's an Ilokano belief that if you burn the rice it is bad luck so tend to your rice conscientiously. 

Doggy Bubbles

For some ungodly reason someone left the task of cooking the daily rice to the kids without watching them. There was a rice meme online where dishwashing liquid was added to the rice inside the pot. It was meant to be a joke at being told to wash the rice. It was in good fun to get some laughs, but some folks didn't think it was so funny, thought it was wasteful. So as a comeback I created this rice-doggy meme to lighten up for those who took it seriously. This is what will happen if you feed the dog that rice washed in dishwashing liquid. You get doggy fart bubbles.