Ghosts of the Hanapepe Massacre

Somewhere within the city limits of Hanapepe there's a long unmarked gravesite-trench where 16 Visayan Filipino strikers lay to rest. With all the time that has passed I wonder if anyone still remembers where that gravesite is located. There were also 4 sheriffs who were hacked up by the strikers with cane cutters and died from their wounds. They had a proper burial paid for by the Hawaiian Sugar Plantation Association. I've been to Hanapepe recently and I have noticed the town is still pretty much the same as back in the 1920s when this massacre took place. Being of Visayan and Ilocano heritage I can only suggest that the town is haunted and imply that the possible reason the town hasn't changed too much is because of those unrested spirits. I can only say that Visayans are very spiritual and superstitious and when scorned by the loss of a loved one will resort to supernatural acts from a shaman to invoke their revenge.

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