Extracting the Genius of Kajukenbo

Martial Arts in the Mix, a Short History

Table of Contents

Finding Your Strengths

The MIND - Traditionalism versus Free Thinking

Traditional martial arts is the foundation of learning self defense. We all have to start somewhere. Eventually a student will advance to a higher level and may carry on the tradition to the next generation of students. This traditional training can become a repetitive mindset of "monkey-see monkey-do, let's all do the monkey to", and dangerous when one follows blindly without question. All that get's accomplished is creating carbon-copy robots.

When it comes time as a student to apply what was taught you may not have the physical capability to execute the technique exactly the same way as the instructor so in that dilema what do you do? You have two choices, one, you can beat your brains out trying to be exactly like the one who taught you, or two, you can improvise, adapt, and create your own way of accomplishing a technique to gain the same results. This is the process of self-discovery and thinking independently.

The BODY - Find Your Animal

We are all unique in our physical shape. Some are tall and limber, some are short and husky, some are built strong, and some naturally fast. The key is finding out your strengths and weaknesses and use these assets to develop and cultivate our best potential. Not everyone is built the same and it's up to us to find the inner animal that best represents our body physical. 

You are unique in and it's up to you to discover your ultimate potential. You can't do this by trying to copy someone else. What might work for one person may not work for another person. Identify the physical capabilities you were born with. Identify your weaknesses and improvise them into a strength. Cultivate these assets to benefit your body physical and discover your animal potential.

The SPIRIT - The Power Within 

The spirit is in developing faith in yourself. To reach that unexplainable life giving force from within is called the "Chi" in martial arts terms. Whatever it is it comes from believing in yourself and going beyond your limits to acheive a higher limit.

Why break boards and bricks? It's not a test of strength and conditioning but a tool to overcome fear. To go beyond what you think you can't do and then do it. Test yourself and build confidence as you grow. Your spirit is the faith you build within yourself.