Mama's Biko

When I think of Biko I remember Mama's love,
when I eat Biko I can feel Mama's love,
and when I close my eyes savoring the taste
I swear I can feel my mama hugging me.

It's all about mama's love...

When my mama made Biko it was always for a special occasion coming up where family and friendswould get together and good times hanging with the cousins. I could remember my mama's Biko right after it was baked and the smell that would fill the kitchen was overwhelming with wholesome goodness. Just thinking about the aroma creates memories in my mind of mama giving me a hug. It seemed like all the extra special care that my mom put into making her Biko was out of total affection for me. That's why every time I think of Biko it triggers memories of unconditional love that only a mama can give. I miss my mama sometimes especially when I'm at a family gathering and I see and eat the biko that someone else made.

Rice Finger Measuring Guide

My mom alway cooked perfect rice. She always used Calrose rice and cooked the rice in a pot of water never using a ricecooker. She used imaginary lines on her index finger to figure out the water levels above the rice. Both my parents had that Rice Finger Measuring Guide down to a science.


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