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Sharing my experience creating engineering drawings through blogs when I was working at OEM companies throughout the Silicon Valley . Way back in the day we used to draw on drafting tables and saved our drawing projects in file cabinets inside manila folders. Document control was filled with large file cabinets.

What a waste of paper.Thank goodness for Windows Explorer, database management, and online CAD drawing vaults. Save a tree!

Click on the DWG button and see samples of my engineering drawings.
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Logical Graphic Communications; nothing artistic
about it
For design reviews brainstorming
an idea
Drawings to show someone how to
make something
Drawings to show someone how something goes together
Google Images,
a faster way to
research parts
someone's ideas
Engineering drawings are rational infographics

Using Photoshop to create graphics

Photoshop is more then just a photo enhancing software program. You can create quality graphics and animations as well. Watch the animated GIF below to see how I put this file cabinet together. Tools I used are the Rectangular Marquee tool, the Free Transform tool, Transform-Perspective tool, Burn and Dodge tools, the Adjustment tools: Brightness-Contrast, Vibrance-Saturation, the Brush tool, and the Animation tool. The Folders graphics were created in and imported from Adobe Illustrator.

I used a similar file cabinet graphic above and just wanted to share how I created it.
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